Golem 6ET ESP diagnostic with electric leg extension

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Golem 6ET ESP diagnostic with electric leg extension all colors

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Golem 6ET ESP diagnostic with electric leg extension G 06 22

Gynaecological tables of series GOLEM 6 ESP EXAMINING are designed for ambulatory procedures and common treatment. They are characterized by a modern design with a sophisticated and fully functional concept that meets all your requirements. Full covering of all parts with grey plastic casings ensures very easy maintenance of the table.

The 600 mm wide operating surface is covered with seamless artificial leather in a colour of your choice; it is divided into a seat with an opening and a seat backrest with a lifted head segment. All electric drives are foot pedal-operated and the positions can be changed even if the table is fully loaded. Lengths of the segments: seat 400 mm, backrest 500 mm, head 400 mm, additional legs 500 mm.

All versions are always fully equipped:polyurethane Goepel leg supports or heel supports(stirups) (depending on your request) with a jointed fixture,foot step with a non-slip finish, stainless bowl, hand rails for the patient, and a paper roll holder to be used for the whole surface, the backrest and the seat, or for the seat only. All elements can be easily adjusted for your and your patient’s comfort.

The weight of the table is 60 -104 kg depending on version; the carrying capacity is 150 kg.

The build-in dimensions of the table are approx. 800 x 1 400 mm.

Each version can be further equipped according to your request.

Electric drive adjustable height of 640 – 940 mm, electric drive adjustable leg segment, electric drive adjustable back tilt of 0° to +80°, electric drive adjustable seat (Trendelenburg) tilt of 0° to +20°. The table is equipped with electronics enabling the user to program 3 operating positions that are automatically set using a respective button. This feature allows for easy switching between the initial and operating positions of the table without time delays.
To choose more colors please contact us.
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