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PRIMEDIC HeartSave 6 defibrillator

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PRIMEDIC HeartSave 6 defibrillator

An easy to use AED with quick and safe operation. With new bi-phase pulse mode "Current Controlled Defibrillation". The device has a built-in monitor and performs an automatic ECG resolution within 12 seconds, which is displayed on the screen and determines when defibrillation is required. Then, pressing a button is enough to cause the electrical pulse to eliminate ventricular fibrillation.

Performs automatic defibrillation "Current Controlled Defibrillation" at the touch of a button, has smart software for easy operation, automatically selects the energy of the electric pulse without needing adjustment.

It has a memory card, capable of storing up to 100 hours, for internal ECG and voice recording. On the high-resolution LCD monitor there is a status-monitor indicator. Powered by Battery 6.

Small size and weight for easy movement in the spaces of the Meth.

It has an automatic external defibrillation function (AED) with voice, graphic and visual messages in the Greek language, ECG, heart rate, VF / VT detection.



One-touch operation

Easy handling

Status indicator

Lithium battery

No energy option required

Manufactured in Germany by Primedic

It has a self-control function.

Includes automatic and semi-automatic defibrillation mode

6-channel ECG and SpO2 (Heartsave 6S)

Warranty 24 months


HeartSave 6

Portable defibrillator with automatic and manual defibrillation mode for professional users, large LCD screen, 6-lead ECG, external two-phase current for controlled defibrillation, SavePads AED, Compact Flash Card, Cable III monitor and ECG and Viewer electrodes, includes a Lithium Battery 6 non-rechargeable.


Pulse shape Two-phase, external (CCD)

Action in automatic mode 50 - 360J depending on patient resistance

Manually selecting adult energy 50J, 100J, 200J, 300J, 360J

Manual Pediatric Energy Selection 20J, 40J, 60J, 80J, 100J

Paediatrics Pediatric Defibrillation Key or Savepads Mini

Charging time <6 sec. for 200J

Duration of analysis 7-12 s

Asystole level <200 μV

Parasite detection

Pacemaker Detection

Auto-synchronous mode



Protocols Einthoven I, II, III Goldberger aVL, aVR, aVF

Patient resistance 23 - 200 Ω

Pulse 30 - 300 per min

Alarms 30 - 300 per min


Type TFT, LCD, blue illumination

Dimensions 95 x 72 mm (diagonal 4.7 "/ 120 mm)

Resolution 320 x 240 pixels

Record speed 25 mm / s

Sensitivity 10 mm / mV

Defibrillation electrodes

Hands free electrodes

Lifetime 36 months

Cable length depends on the model, between 1.3m and 2.0m.

Active electrode surface 174 cm2

Data management

Removable 2GB CF card

Data and sound recording> 24 hours

Sound recording can be turned on and off



Battery 6

Type LiMn02

Voltage 15 V

Capacity (nominal) 7.2 Ah

Shelf life 6 years

200 @ 360J Discharges

Recording 15 h


Type LiFePO4

Capacity (nominal) 2.5 Ah

150 @ 200J Discharges

Recording 5 h

Charging time approx. Three hours

Protection class IP55


Height x Length x Width 25 cm x 28 cm x 9 cm

Weight (with battery) about 2.3 kg

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