Auto CPAP Morfeus

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Auto CPAP Morfeus

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Auto CPAP Morfeus

Amp Operation (0-60min)

Pressure Range: 4-20cm H2O

Noise Level 30 db(A)

Integrated Humidifier

Treatment recorded on Micro-SD card

Alarm in case of power failure

Alarm in case of air leakage

Monitor Brightness Adjustment

Auto-Start & Auto-Off function

Clock & Alarm clock function

Practical carrying & storage bag

Three-level pressure reduction function at exhalation (EPS)

Display of Apnea on the monitor (ΑΗΙ)

Mask Placement Function

Multi Language Software for Data Analysis & Printing

Setting treatment parameters from PC using the software MorfeusView

Covered by EOPYY (National insurance organisation)

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