Ugo Leg Bag 750ml (Ugo 8C) Tube 25cm

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Ugo Leg Bag 750ml (Ugo 8C) Tube 25cm

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Ουροσυλλέκτης περιπάτου U-Go leg bag 750 ml μακρύς (25cm)
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Ugo Leg Bag

Supplied with clear, comprehensive information and instructions, Ugo Leg Bags are safe, effective and simple to use. So patients in their own home, and carers in care homes with no nurse on hand, can use them with complete confidence.

For added comfort and peace of mind, we’ve also introduced kink-free soft silicone drainage tubing. This fits perfectly with our Ugo 2L Drainage Bags, ensuring patients can move around in bed without blocking or damaging the tubing.

Each bag is available with Lever Tap or T Tap drainage, and with or without fabric backing to suit your patients’ preferences and the clinical environment. With fabric-backed Ugo Leg Bags, you get a pair of Ugo Fix Leg Bag Straps in every box. For those without fabric, there’s a pair of Ugo Fix Leg Bag Straps in every pouch.

Other features of Ugo Leg Bags include:

-Transparent universal stepped connector for secure fitting into all indwelling catheters
-Needle-free sprung sample port, which locks the syringe for safe sample collection
-Non-return valve to prevent urine going back up the drainage pipe
-Reinforced eyelets to ensure level positioning with enclosed Ugo Fix Leg
-Natural leg shape design
-Durable but soft medical-grade plastic material for strength and reduced noise when  moving

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