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Intracorporeal ultrasonic Pneumatic and Ultrasonic lithotripter Vibrolith Plus

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Intracorporeal ultrasonic Pneumatic and Ultrasonic lithotripter Vibrolith Plus
Cutting edge technology from an established leader with thorough R&D for safe, fast and accurate stone removal. 

With 30 years of advanced, minimally invasive technology, ELMED’s leading products include extracorporeal and intracorporeal lithotripters for the fragmentation of urinary tract calculi.

The Vibrolith Plus is a state of the art high performance ultrasonic and pneumatic combination lithotripter that is technologically light years ahead of the competition. 

With features such as a multi microprocessor controlled ultrasonic handpiece that ensures maximum power and performance without worries of overheating, a powerful pneumatic handpiece that fractures even the hardest stone

A built in suction pump that provides clear visualization during endoscopic procedures with superior suction of stone fragments, the Vibrolith Plus makes all other lithotripters obsolete.


Dual Action

Ultrasonic Lithotripsy has been widely used for the disintegration and suction of urinary stones for many years. The pulverization effect during disintegration and suction of stone particles during the operation are the advantages of this method.  Ultrasonic lithotripters have established performance on soft stones.

Pneumatic lithotripsy is accepted as the most powerful and fastest method. All kinds of stones can be fragmented easily by pneumatic lithotripters. Vibrolith Plus combines these two methods in a single device and enables to user to operate these two methods simultaneously by using combined advantages of both methods.


Accurate Control

Dynamic frequency control system


No more switches and adjustment knobs


Easy suction and clear visualization


Pneumatic and ultrasonic combined ensure quick, safe consistent stone pulverization


Highly accurate, minimally invasive, no risk of any thermal injury on tissue nor destruction on optics of endoscopy


No heat exposure, no tissue damage, no electrical hazard  just safe effective forced air electro-pneumatic ballistic energy means only calculi is disintegrated

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