Mirovalve automatic catheter valve

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Mirovalve automatic catheter valve

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MiroValve® the revolution among catheter valves
Do you feel bladder pressure and are you daily «burdened» with a unhandy urine bag? MiroValve makes your daily activities easier.
The newest development of the MiroValve® is a revolutionary invention offering a maximum life quality for every patient. Physicians care for their patients prescribe the MiroValve catheter valve.

The MiroValve® catheter valve can be simply operated with one hand. The valve can be easily opened with the slide. Then the bladder can be emptied; to do so, hold one end of the valve above the toilet pan and pull the slide. Further information about the handling can be found in the patient’s info which is enclosed to every valve. The ergonomically formed slide is suitable for left- and righthanders. The catheter slide is very easy to operate and requires no physical strength. Simply pull it with your thumb in your direction and the valve will open immediately. Urine can drain off easily and fast. Let the slide go and the valve closes on its own… done. The slide has a skid resistant structured surface, which makes it easy to hold and safe to operate.
Use for 3-5 weeks before the MiroValve requires changing

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