Flowstar Compact Uroflowmeter by Laborie

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Flowstar Compact Uroflowmeter by Laborie

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Flowstar Compact flowmeter designed for practical, everyday uroflow studies ease-of-use and affordability by Laborie-MMS

The Flowstar is a compact and digital flowmeter designed for practical, everyday uroflowmetry.

When using the Flowstar uroflowmeter, recording starts automatically when the patient starts voiding. The flow and volume scales can be adjusted and the pre-flow and post-flow time are user selectable. Siroky flow nomograms can be printed to diagnose normal or obstructed urinary flow in male patients.

The digital weight sensor can be mounted on a height-adjustable uroflow stand and/or placed under a micturition chair. The lightweight thermal printer is connected by cable and can be up to 10 meters (32ft) away from the uroflow sensor.

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