Urocap IV Light, Wireless Urolowmeter, with Software & Tablet

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Laborie urocap IV uroflowmeter

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Urocap IV Light, 220V - Including Flowmeter, Software & Tablet
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Laborie Urocap IV urolowmeter
UROCAP IV is a portable urometer, with Bluetooth technology, that provides non-invasive and accurate measurement of urination function, using wireless technology.
Category 1 wireless Bluetooth technology provides a wide range, facilitating measurement and increasing patient privacy during measurement.
It measures the volume of urine released by the body, the speed at which it is released and the duration of release.
Battery life increases portability and eliminates unnecessary cables.
Urocap IV performs a measurement by urinating in a special urinal, toilet or disposable device, which is integrated in the measuring device.
When the patient is finished, the machine reports to the healthcare professional.
The test presupposes normal urination, so the patient should not feel any discomfort, so that the results are reliable for evaluating the function of the urinary system.
It has a frame with increased protection from liquids (water) IP54, improving its cleaning.
Designed, ideally, for medical spaces and clinics.
It has specialized software (VBN) for displaying and analyzing patient data.
the voice guidance function and the specially designed user interface greatly simplifies the operation.
It has assistance in the diagnosis of the patient, through extensive reporting possibilities.

Dimensions Urocap IV: 16 cm x 16 cm x 7 cm
Weight: 0.3 Kg
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Optional accessories: Uroflow Stand, Commode Chair, Nomograms
Computer Type: Laptop, Windows 10 64-bit

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