Interacoustics MT10 Handheld Tympanometer

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Interacoustics MT10 Handheld Tympanometer

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MT 10 Handheld Tympanometer 

Professional handheld tympanometer for setting fast and reliable testing in an easy and cost-effective way. The MT10 automatic tympanometer is fast and easy to operate and provides objective and reliable measures that cannot be obtained by otoscopy alone.

Easy and fast tympanograms

Results can be obtained with little efforts and with no response required from the patient. This is especially beneficial when dealing with difficult-to-test patients or small children.

Clinical application

The MT10 is suitable for diagnostic use as tympanometer but it can also diagnose reflex responses, all recorded with detail. With MT10 you can detect otitis media (a major cause of temporary or permanent hearing impairment in children), a perforated eardrum, cholesteatomas and certain neurological disorders. You can also check tympanostomy tubes and follow up on post medical treatments.

Integrated memory

The MT10 can hold test results of up to 30 patients in its memory. This makes it possible to screen a large group of patients and print out the data later.

PC connection

Full data-transfer to PC through optional infrared USB interface and software. Supplied with handle, set of 139 disposable ear-tips (mixed sizes) and 4x1.5 V batteries.

Technical Specifications:


• Analysis performed: Peak compliance; peak pressure, gradient; equivalent ear canal volume

• Probe tone: 226 Hz

• Pressure levels: +200 daPa to -400 daPa

• Ear volume measurement range: 0.2 ml to 5 ml

• Sweep speed: Typically 200-300 daPa/sec;depending on ear & cavity volume

• Pressure limits (safety shut off): +600 to -800 daPa


Data management

• Data storage: 30 records. Any recording can be stored once the tympanogram is viewed


• Data held: Patient Initials, Tympanogram and Reflex graphs and analysis for Left Ear and/or Right Ear, Time and Date of recording, which ears were tested, whether or not the record has been printed and for sent to a PC, parameters printed and/or sent to a PC, parameters used for analysis


Other data

• Internal backup power supply: >30 days without main batteries fitted

• Battery Lifetime: Approx. 400 tests (Alkaline AA batteries)

• Supported printer: Martel MCP8830 or Sanibel MPTII

• Interface: Infra-red, IrDA hardware, 9600 baud

• Information printed:

- Space for patient and clinician's details

- Tympanogram analysis parameters

- Tympanogram, Reflex analysis parameters

- Reflex graph, Serial Number of devices

- Last and Next Due Calibration dates

• Standards: Safety: IEC 60601-1. EMC: IEC 60601-1-2

Impedance standard: lEe 60645-5, Type 2 Tympanometer

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