Rhena cast high quality synthetic casting tape,all sizes Size 12,7cm x 3,6m

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Rhena cast high quality synthetic casting tape,all sizes

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  • 12,7cm x 3,6m

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Rhena cast high quality synthetic casting tape,all sizes
Rhena cast is a high quality synthetic casting tape made of fibreglass with impregnated polyurethane resin. Rhena cast can be used for total immobilization. Due to the special polyurethane resin, Rhena cast can be moulded optimally with almost no adhesion to gloves. When Rhena cast is moulded, the surface becomes slightly foamy, contributing to the perfect lamination of each layer. For a strong to very strong stabilization, suitable for total immobilisation, for the preparation of orthopaedic splints. The support material of Rhena cast is highly stretchable, enabling a crease-free cast and reducing the risk of constriction. The edges of Rhena cast bandage are clean cut and smooth. Synthetic cast bandage consisting of a knitted glass fiber fabric impregnated with polyurethane resin, activated by water, easy to apply and to mould.

Setting time apx 5 minutes.

The cast is load-bearing after apx. 30 minutes, use cast saw to remove,

Available in white colour.

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