Clinicon Surgical Skin Marker- sterile

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Clinicon Surgical Skin Marker- sterile

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Clinicon surgical skin markers

Fine tip - Sterile

The Clinicon Surgical Skin Marker features a versatile tip for precise fine line marking preferred in plastic surgery or when held at an angle, broad line marking for applications in general, neuro and vascular surgery, as well as radiology and radiation therapy.

The marker’s high visibility Gentian violet ink is nontoxic, not made for tattooing and surgical prep resistant.

Markings can be removed from the skin with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol.

The package is easy to open, HIBC bar coded and includes a separate six-inch, flexible ruler calibrated in both inches and centimeters. Sterile EO.


Two tips in one:

- For heavier lines, hold the pen at an angle and use the shoulder of the tips (2 mm)

- Hold the pen vertically while applying a fine line (0.2 mm)


Medical device, Class: I S

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