Shock Wave Therapy Device with one handle

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Shock Wave Therapy Device with one handle

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Shock Wave Therapy Device with one handle
The hand piece contains a projectile that is accelerated through the electromagnetic transfer of kinetic energy. This kinetic energy is transformed into impact energy in the applicator head. The impact energy delivered from the applicator head results in radial pulses in the target tissue.

7.0'' Color Touch Screen
Plug & play” system
Multi-preset treatment protocols
User friendly and reliable
No need for air compressor, low maintenance cost
Easy of use

Aesthetic medicine
Treatment for urological pain therapy and erectile dysfunction
Sports medicine

Technical Specifications  
Power Levels/Energy: 10-185mj (equivalent to 0.1-5bar)                                                          
Frequency: 1-22HZ
Modes: 4 burst modes(continuous/4/8/12 shocks)                                                
Programmes: 7 present programmes, adjustable
Protocols: More than 25 illustrated preset treatment recommendations               
Controls:  Colour touch-screen fr all software operations
Applicatiors: 6/15/25mm(35mm as option )                                                                   
Life Time: Minimum 4,000,000 shocks per handpiece, 300,000 shocks per head
Dimensions: 290x240x130mm(L/W/H)                                                                           
Weight: 2.07kg (controller unit only) 

Warranty: 2 years for controller unit, 1 year for accessories

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