Gima Quick, hot bead sterilizer

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Gima Quick, hot bead sterilizer

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Glass Bead Sterilizer Gima Quick

Gima Quick hot bead sterilizer has been designed and developed specifically for medical use. Also recommended for dentistry, podology, veterinary, tattoo and beauty studios.


It ensures a quick and effective sterilization. It sterilizes files and mirrors in 2 minutes, surgical instruments in 2 minutes, curettes and forceps in 3 minutes.


Its constant temperature over 230°C ensures the destruction of micro-organisms and spores in few seconds.


Gima Quick has epoxydic powders painted steel casing; the inside cylinder is completely isolated by fibers and glass, which prevents heat from being transmitted to the external casing. It can work continuously for the whole day.


Supplied with a pack of glass beads (220 g).

Technical Specifications:

Outer structure in white painted steel

Size: 130 x 130 x 190 mm

Copper plated basket:

- diameter 5.5 cm

- depth 7.5 cm

Weight: 2.8 kg

Power consumption: 150W

Operating voltage: 220V - 50 Hz

Warranty: 12 months

Made in Italy


Medical device, Class: II B

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