Oxy-50 finger pulse oximeter with software

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Oxy-50 finger pulse oximeter with software

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OXY-50 finger pulse oximeter with software
OXY-50 is a lightweight ergonomic and easy to use fingertip pulse oximeter with color display suitable for both routine check and continuous monitoring use.

Main features:
Display: 1.8" color OLED
Resolution: 160 x 128
Alarm sound, pulse tone
Power supply: DC3V, <100MA
Record: data can be recorded up to 24 hours
Alarm: adjustable high and low limits
PC software for transferring real time data
Supplied with one adult probe, 2 AA batteries, USB cable, PC software (GB, IT, PL) and user manual (GB, FR, IT, ES).

Technical Specifications
Display mode (OLED display)

- Pulse oxygen saturation (SpO2): 2 digit

- Pulse rate (PR): 3 digit

- Pulse intensity: bar-graph

Pulse rate

- Measuring range: 25bpm~250bpm

- Resolution: 1 bpm

- Accuracy: ±2bpm or ±2%

SpO2 parameter specification

- Measuring range: 0%~100%, (resolution 1%)

- Accuracy: 70%~100%: ±2%

- Average value: Calculate the average value in every 4 measure value Deviation between average value and true value does not exceed 1%

- Average pulse rate: Moving calculate the average pulse rate every 4 cardio-beat's cycle. Deviation between average value and true value does not exceed 1%

Pulse intensity

- Range: Continuous bar-graph display, the higher display indicate the stronger pulse

Battery: dry battery (2AA)

Oximeter probe: wavelength: 660nm - 880nm

Dimension: 110 x 60 x 23 mm

Weight: about 180g (with 2 dry battery AA)

Safe type: BF Type

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