Biopsy needle for Promag 2,2 & ABS automatic biopsy guns Size 18G x 16cm

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Biopsy needle for Promag 2,2 & ABS automatic biopsy guns

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Biopsy needle for Promag automatic biopsy gun
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  • 14G x 10cm
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  • 16G x 15cm
  • 18G x 10cm
  • 18G x 15cm
  • 18G x 16cm
  • 18G x 25cm

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Biopsy Needles for Pro-Mag™ automatic gun

Specially designed for use with Pro-Mag™ Automatic Biopsy Gun.
High quality core biopsy needles provide histological information for diagnosis characterization of suspect lesions.

Pro-Mag™ biopsy needle system for automatic pistols, is used to harvest 19mm high quality histological biopsy samples for clinical examination.

The user-friendly spacer handle facilitates easy and precise placement of the needle in the biopsy instrument.

A 19 mm sample notch ensures enough tissue for clinical diagnosis.
Unique, patented hub design obsoletes needle spacers.
Numerically ordered centimeter markings facilitate precise depth placement.
Each needle has an echogenic tip for accurate placement under ultrasound guidance.
Hubs are color coded for easy gauge size determination.

Pro-Mag’s biopsy needles are available in a wide range of gauge sizes and centimeter lengths.

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