PicoPlus Lutronic Laser (Full Version) with 5 handpieces

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PicoPlus Lutronic Laser (Full Version) with 5 handpieces

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PicoPlus Lutronic Laser (Full Version) with 5 handpieces
PicoPlus by Lutronic – Safety and performance

The new PicoPlus by Lutronic is the most affordable Pico Wave device on the market. PicoPlus gives you the best of both worlds: the safety and efficacy of a nanosecond device, and the improved performance and outcomes you get from a picosecond platform. Anything you have previously treated before with a Nd:YAG laser you can now do with the Pico with less treatments and less downtime. The PicoPlus does anything a Nd:YAG laser can but with picoseconds for faster and better treatments. 

This widens the treatment options a clinic or salon can offer to a patient. From standard service treatments such as Rosacea, Melasma, pigmentation and tattoo removal to those hard-to-treat cases that are stagnating, the PicoPlus' technology has the versatility and power to provide the results your customers want.

The Lutronic PicoPlus device not only protects the surrounding tissue from heat damage, it provides greater targeting and power without the need for medical intervention. This means it can break down pigment into forms that the body can process more easily. 

This is important with tattoo removal, where different coloured inks may have been used. The multiple modes present in the PicoPlus breaks the ink molecules into smaller parts that can be absorbed by the body’s natural immune system, resulting in the faster, better clearance that you get from just a nanosecond laser.

How the PicoPlus by Lutronic works

The PicoPlus offers both pico- and nanosecond, with a choice of four wavelengths (1064, 532, 595 and 660nm), which allows an aesthetician to treat all the colours from tattoos, from blue to red; green to black, to be removed from anywhere on the body to suit a patient’s aesthetic needs.

Applications of the short pulses of intense light pass through the top layers of skin and down to the pigmented layer. This takes the light, which breaks down the pigmentation, which is then absorbed by microphages (the body’s immune system).

An advantage of the PicoPlus is its cooling system that helps to minimise discomfort during the rejuvenation process, although particularly with tattoo removal, the surrounding tissue is not entirely left undamaged


Five hand pieces
Four wavelengths for maximum versatility
Dual pulse duration
Wide range of precisely controlled options
Dual treatment modes
Convenience features, such as built-in storage
High-energy output, while still providing stable low-energy output


Tattoo Removal
Seborrheic keratosis
Inflammatory acne
Facial flushing 

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