Heine mini 3000 Ophthalmoscope - blue - D-001.71.120

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Heine mini 3000 Ophthalmoscope - blue - D-001.71.120

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Mini 3000 XHL Opthalmoscope 2.5 V
Heine mini 3000 is an ergonomic and modern pocket ophthalmoscope with fixation star aperture. 
Excellent optics and best colour rendering in minimum size.
- XHL Xenon Halogen Technology.
Concentrated bright light for perfect illumination, a brilliant image and accurate colour rendering.
- the HEINE optics produce crisp, clear images of the whole area under examination and minimize the reflections for clear image and easy diagnosis.
- 5 different apertures. A full-function instrument incl. fixation star.
- grey filter for light sensitive patients.
- range of lenses: 18 lenses from -20 D to +20 D.
- attachment clip with integrated on/off switch. 
- replaceable batteries. 
Size AA or optional rechargeable battery with mini NT table charger.


- Xenon Halogen lamp
- Colour: black and silver
- Heine Code: D-001.71.120

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