Tiemann Catheter all sizes from Ch 08 - Ch 24 Size Ch 16 Color Orange

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Tiemann Catheter all sizes from Ch 08 - Ch 24

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MEDICO Tiemann Catheter
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  • Ch 08
  • Ch 10
  • Ch 12
  • Ch 14
  • Ch 16
  • Ch 18
  • Ch 20
  • Orange

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Catheters Tiemann Medico all sizes from Ch 08 - Ch 24
Tiemann catheters are sterile single bladder catheters designed specifically for men. They are made of medical type PVC. Its tip is curved, rounded and non-traumatic. Its side holes are smooth and rounded to prevent injury during catheterization. The Tiemann corner tip allows you to pat the prostate gland in a very careful manner. A mark on the plastic base of the catheter indicates the alignment of the Tiemann tip as it is inserted.

The length of the Tiemann catheter is 40cm and does not bend.

Its slot has color coding depending on the size of the catheter for quick identification of sizes. Individually packaged in sterile transparent packaging.

It does not contain latex.

Available dimensions:

Tiemann Ch.8

  • Tiemann Ch.10
  • Tiemann Ch.12
  • Tiemann Ch.14
  • Tiemann Ch.16
  • Tiemann Ch.18
  • Tiemann Ch.20

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