Hydrophilic Nelaton Coated Urinary Male Catheter Curan Plus All sizes Size Ch 10

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Hydrophilic Nelaton Coated Urinary Male Catheter Curan Plus All sizes

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Hydrophilic Nelaton Coated Urinary Male Catheter Curan Plus All sizes
The hydrophilic catheter designed to improve the process of intermittent catheterization. Special hydrophilic Curan self-lubricating catheters for intermittent catheterization have been developed after years of research, advanced technical and scientific research. The goal is the easiest and safest placement, and the comfortable feeling for the patient. The Curan hydrophilic catheter has polished tip-tips that make penetration easier without irritation and abrasions, and a hydrophilic coating without chemical emollients. Its surface has a perfect, hydrophilic, soft and smooth texture, which in an electron microscope does not show any signs of imperfection and allows its daily and frequent application without friction and injury to the urethral epithelium. Given the coating material that is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and the smoothness of its surface, the accumulation of unwanted bacteria is avoided and does not allow any risk of infection.

A new innovation Blue Grip has been applied to the catheter which has a small handle to hold and handle the catheter without touching it at all with the hands and to maintain its sterilization. With the Blue Grip the catheterization is clean, healthy and reduces the risk of infections. The coating and lubrication, which is applied even on the inside of the holes, protects the patient and keeps the Curan soft and smooth throughout the catheterization process, from the insertion to the removal of the catheter.
Thanks to its special coating, Curan minimizes trauma and pain, which are the most common complications.

Curan comes in a wide range of sizes, from Ch8 for pediatric use to Ch16 for male and female catheterization in Nelaton, Female and Tieman

Free of aggressive softening agents like DEHP.

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