Dr.Pen A1 Wired microneedling pen

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Dr.Pen A1 Wired microneedling pen

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Dr.Pen A1 Wired microneedling pen

Microneedling pen is used for derma rolling procedure also called Collagen Induction Therapy. These pens vibrate and have smalls needles on it which prick the skin. These pens are minimally invasive and are used for the treatment of generating new collagen production in the skin and to give it a more tight, toned and firm appearance. It is a cosmetic procedure that can help to treat several skin-related issues. It can also work on issues related to hair such as hair loss. It works by boosting the collagen production in the skin, which also prevents hair loss. Experts do the procedure, and it requires several sessions to see the actual results.



Hair loss treatment/ Hair restoration

Scar removal, including acne scar removal

Skin smoothing

Stretch mark removal/ treatment



High RMP speed rotor (6000-12000 RMP)

5 speed levels

Adjustable application depth 0,25-3,0mm


It is compatible with following tips:
Tip with 5Pins (code 07248)

Tip with 7Pins (code 07249)

Tip with 12Pins (code 07250)

Tip with 36Pins (code 10376)

Tip with 42Pins (code 07251)
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