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C3 Male Continence Device All sizes

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C3 Large Male Continence Device
Device indicated in patients with mild to moderate urinary incontinence.It is placed externally on the penis and prevents urine loss by lightly squeezing the urethra.
The C3 External Clamp application is simple and discreet, and its affordable price allows it to be replaced at regular intervals.
The C3 clamp is an affordable and decent solution for the management of mild to moderate male incontinence. The C3 is evenly attached around the penis and its soft foam presses on the urethra only where needed. This prevents unintentional loss of urine but does not cut off blood flow.It is made from carefully selected materials to enhance patient comfort. C3 is easy to hide. Its elastic strap keeps the C3 in the right position without shifting, giving patients confidence in their daily routine.

Regular (6 - 10cm)
Large (10 - 14cm)

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