Heine Classic + F.O. Laryngoscope set with 3 blades

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Heine Classic + F.O. Laryngoscope set with 3 blades

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Heine Classic + F.O. Laryngoscope set with 2.5V handle - 3 blades

The “classic+” range of fiber optic blades with Heine Hilite®

Fiber bundle with over 6,500 individual micro-fibers offer improved light transmission and longer life. Together with the innovative Heine led HQ light in the handle or the traditional XHL Xenon Halogen bulb, the exclusive Heine Hilite® fiber optic bundle with up to 4.3 mm of O offers 3X or 40% brighter light as with other conventional halogen bulbs.


5-years guarantee or 4,000 standard autoclave cycles of 134°c/5 min. with more than 1,000 lux on all blades with Heine Hilite® fibre bundle.


Long lasting bulbs
Heine XHL® Xenon Halogen bulbs incorporate the latest Xenon Halogen technology to give you up to 40% more light! Heine XHL Xenon Halogen 3.5 V bulbs last up to twice as 2.5 V bulbs and give up to three times the light of conventional 2.5 V Halogen laryngoscope bulbs. Heine led HQ handles offer even three times the light intensity of the 3.5V Xenon Halogen bulbs for an outstanding and constant bright illumination.


Long lasting 3.5 V rechargeable batteries
Heine 3.5 V systems (led HQ or XHL) use a long-lasting 3.5 V lithium rechargeable battery which avoids the need to replace non-rechargeable batteries at frequent intervals. Heine F.O. laryngoscope blades and handles are compatible with the iso 7376 (green standard).


Includes 3 blades set with pediatric 1, mac 2, mac 3, XHL handle 2.5V

HEINE Code: F-119.10.860

Medical device, Class: I

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