Laryngoscope paediatric Set, 3 Blades Miller 0-1, McIntosh 0

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Laryngoscope paediatric Set, 3 Blades Miller 0-1, McIntosh 0

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Pediatric laryngoscopy set (3 blades MILLER 0-1, Mc INTOSH 0)
A light and ergonomic laryngoscope build according to ISO 7376:2003 standards. The blades are compatible with most of the brands such as  Heine, Riester, Welch Allyn, Medicon etc.

It comes with a satin finish handle to reduce glare and excellent illumination to the end of the blade for clear view and easy diagnosis.


- Stainless Steel contacts guarantee long working life
- easy sterilization ETO or steam
- autoclavable up to 134° for 5 minutes (approx. 2,000 times)
- full range of Mc Intosh & Miller blades, latex free
- ISO 7376 fittings allow use of blades with existing handles
- set is packaged in an anti-shock case and in cardboard box
- 2.5 V handles work with both alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries
- good light transmission of 3,500 LUX with 2.5 V handles
- non magnetic blades

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