Abena Incontinence Pads Abri-San No7 (Box of 28)

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Abena Incontinence Pads Abri-San Premium No7 (Box of 28)

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Optimal comfort and discretion!
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Abena Incontinence Pads Abri-San No7 (Box of 28)
Abena Abri San is a complete range of specially designed sanitary napkins for all types of incontinence, from light to very heavy.
It is easily attached to the underwear, thanks to the sticker on the back.
The Abri San Premium range offers top quality, comfort, and freedom of movement.
Optimal comfort and discretion.
Ultra-soft and breathable non-woven material all over the surface.
The unique Top Dry system provides fast absorption, dry surface and minimizes the risk of leakage.
SAP and fluff ensure high absorbency.
Nordic Ecolabel marking (ecological).
FSC certification
Special system for minimizing unpleasant odors (Odor System)
Humidity indicator with rating scale.
Free of Latex and chlorine.
Dermatologically tested.

Available in sizes:
No 2, size 10x26cm, Absorption level: 350 ml, (box of 28 pcs)
No 3, size 11x33cm, Absorption level: 500 ml, (box of 28 pcs)
No 4, size 20x44cm, Absorption level: 800 ml, (box of 28 pcs)
No 5, size 28x54cm, Absorption level: 1200 ml, (box of 36 pcs)
No 6, size 30x63cm, Absorption level: 1600 ml, (box of 34 pcs)
No 7, size 37 x 73cm, Absorption level: 2000 ml, (box of 28 pcs)
No 8, size 36x63cm, Absorption level: 2500 ml, (box of 21 pcs)
Special, size 37x73cm, Absorption level: 2000 ml, (box of 28 pcs)

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