Ostomate one piece ileostomy bag, beige 30pcs

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Ostomate one piece ileostomy bag, beige 30pcs

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EuroTec Large Ostomate single-piece open ileostomy system bag

Soft-lined ileostomy bag, beige with Velcro without hooks, with extra, long-lasting GoreTex membrane filter that prevents moisture penetration.

Extra waterproof coating between the nozzle and the filter to protect the filter and prevent leakage.

Hydrocolloid base 0.9 mm thick, with no additional synthetic resins.

SuperFlex foam base with easy-to-follow skin curves.

Elastic orifice opening that will not injure the orifice.

Simple "Finger Pocket" closure to release the bag.

Size: 13mm

Reimbursement by National Health Organization (EOPYY)

Coding: Z93.2, Z43.2, Z93.3, Z43.3, Z93.6, Z43.6

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