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Gymna.PRO D2 Hydraulic examination bed (two segments: headrest and body)

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Gymna.PRO D2 Hydraulic examination bed (two segments: headrest and body)
Top quality and reliability hydraulic examination bed.
It is the middle-level model of the Belgian company Gymna and has a unique modern design with beautiful and clean proportions.
The Gymna.PRO D2 balances functionality with excellent build quality to provide you with a stable and safe bed for your patients.
The patient can take either a sitting or lying position horizontally.
At the same time, the height adjustment helps in comfort during the examination process.
Gymna.PRO is available in several models with a number of options and accessories, so that you can customize the bed according to your needs.
Optionally, it has wheels for easy movement, while it can have adjustable arm supports, adjustable back, traction table, footrests, support for test paper roll.
It is ideal for use by physiotherapists, gynecologists, general practitioners, physicians, cardiologists, urologists, dermatologists and beauticians.

4 rotating wheels (optional)
The Gymna.PRO can be delivered with a set of four (4) rotating wheels.
This facilitates the transfer of the bed to various areas and its practical cleaning.

Ergomax face support (optional)
Ergomax face support is a waterproof and washable special case to support the face to provide maximum hygiene, protecting your patients from germs.
It has an ergonomic shape and is soft and seamless to offer the ideal solution for treatments in the prone position.
However, it can also be offered with the traditional face support with the special seat cushion.
Gymna.PRO cushions are upholstered in biocompatible and phthalate-free artificial leather, so that it is soft and easy to clean and disinfect.
The synthetic leather is extremely flame retardant while the pillows have durable PE foam, offering linear pressure to the patient's position and maximum comfort.

Safe Motion Detection System (optional)
The Safe Motion Detection System is Gymna's fully automatic height adjustment system.
Stops the movement of the bed downwards when a person comes into contact in any way with one of the movable lifting arms or the upper frame.
At the same time, the bed automatically moves upwards to eliminate any further risk.

Gymna Extra Motors (optional)
The gymna.PRO can be equipped with additional motors for adjusting the pillows at the touch of a button.
This option is very comfortable for the patient so that he does not need to stretch.

Gymna Memory (optional)
Integrates three (3) easily programmable memories into the Bluetooth remote control.
The memory can only store height settings.

Gymna Remote Cushion Heating (optional)
The Gymna.PRO can be equipped with a heating pad, the only wireless heating system that operates via Bluetooth.

Gymna LED Pack (optional)
The LED package option provides functional support.
Creates a pleasant and atmospheric lighting under the bed frame.
Operates with a special infrared remote control with ON and Off button.

Dimensions: 206 x 67 cm
Weight: 95-110 Kg (depending on the configuration)
Adjustable height: 47-97 cm
Max load: 200 Kg
Main voltage: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: maximum 3.0 A (depending on the model)
Insulation class: II
Device classification: I
Humidity-proof: IP21

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