Gastat Navi Portable blood gas analyzer

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Gastat Navi Portable blood gas analyzer

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Gastat Navi Portable blood gas analyzer with a variety of features
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Gastat Navi Portable blood gas analyzer
Integrated Printer Communication with external printer is no need.
Acid base graph is printable with test results.
Long Shelf-life Sensor Card 12 months in refrigerator.
2 months in room temperature.
The instrument automatically heats up the sensor card if it is cold.
No need to wait until refrigerated card becomes room temperature.

Item Specifications

Sample Type:Whole blood, aqueous solution

Sample Volume 50μL (blood)
200μL (aqueous solution)

Test Available (Measured) and measurement range:pH:6.000~8.000
pCO?:5.0~250.0 Torr
:5.0~760.0 Torr
:80.0~200.0 mmol/L
:1.0~12.0 mmol/L
:0.25~5.0 mmol/L
:15.0~75.0 %

Test Available (Calculated) ctHb, cHCO??, cBE, cBB, cSBE, cSBC, ctCO?, sO?, ctO?, cCa²?(7.4), AaDO?, RI

Analysis Time: Minimum 165sec (45 sec after sample loading)

Calibration:1 point calibration before each sample analysis

Display  Color Touch Panel LCD

Data Capacity:1,000 results

Interface:USB, RS232C

Power   AC100~240V / Battery

Operating environment  15-30 degree Celsius


Dimension: Body: 120(W) - 250(D) - 96(H) mm
Sensor card: 85.6(W) - 54.0(D) - 8.5(H) mm

Weight  Less than 1.4 KG

Printer   20 digits thermal (56 mm)

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