Flexible cystoscope Storz

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Flexible inoptic cystoscope Storz

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Flexible inoptic cystoscope Storz
Excellent quality fiberoptic flexible cystoscope.

Manufactured by leading specialist house Karl Storz.

Cystoscope set includes carrying case, biopsy forceps, cleaning brush and leak tester.


27677 B Case

27023 FE Grasping Forceps, single action jaws, flexible, 5 Fr., length 73 cm

27023 ZE Biopsy Forceps, single action jaws, flexible, 5 Fr., length 73 cm

11025 E Pressure Compensation Cap, for ventilation during gas sterilization

Pressure compensating cap for venting during gas sterilization

13242 XL Leak tester, with bulb and pressure gauge

27651 B Cleaning brush, flexible for 6 Fr. work channel



Storz 11272C1 Flexible Cystoscope

Direction of view: 0°, 15.5 Fr Diameter

Distal Tip O.D.: 15.5 Fr

7Fr Instrument Channel,

Viewing Angle 110 degrees

Working length 370 mm

Bending angle above 210 degrees

Bending angle down 140 degrees

Working Channel 7.0 Fr

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