M3 compact - Multifunctional aesthetic device

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M3 compact - Multifunctional aesthetic device

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M3 compact - Multifunctional aesthetic device
The first SMART aesthetic device in the world a Multifunctional System 7 in 1
M3 designed for beauty salons with a limited space. It keeps your work comfortable. Maximum treatments offered in a compact version.
The first in the world beauty device connected to the Internet. Learn more about all the new possibilities that M3 smart system gives you
Is it smart?
The M3 is the system that works in Internet of Things. It means that M3 collects, send and act on the data acquired thanks to the Internet Connection. On top of that, we are able to constantly update your software,diagnose any problems and provide advanced statistics. Enjoy the connection with M3
Along with M3 you receive free access to the software management - Skinic. Now you can easily manage your beauty business and see all statistics from M3 system!

Different and flexible payment methods

Pay As you go - pay for the actual machine working time
Fixed Price - pay monthly fee
Just Buy - buy your own machine

Real time diagnostics

Our technician can appear in beauty salon before you realize that the device doesn't work properly. We give you a lifetime warranty.

M3 is provided with automatic update system, so you always work on the latest software.

**For more informations about payment methods, contact us.

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