Galvanic B-Equipment

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Galvanic B-Equipment

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Galvanic B-Equipment
Galvanic aesthetic instrument with direct current and constant intensity.
It is widely used to facilitate the deeper penetration of cosmetic products in the layers of the skin, to moisturize the skin and to make deep facial care treatments. The effects of galvanic current on the skin are multiple, depending on the pole used.
The positive pole causes an acidic reaction, relaxation of the nerves, hardening of the skin tissues and reduction of the blood circulation.
The negative pole causes an alkaline reaction, hardening of the nerves, relaxation of the skin tissues and increase of the blood circulation.
It is suitable for the treatment of oily and mature skin, but also for dry, mature skin (insufficient water and nutrition) and oily skin. It e
nhances blood circulation, elasticity, and balances skin secretions.

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