Depilation Needles Ballet Stainless Steel all sizes (50pcs) Size 0,002' (0,055mm)

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Depilation Needles Ballet Stainless Steel all sizes (50pcs)

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Depilation Needles Ballet Stainless Steel K4 (50pcs)
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  • 0,002' (0,055mm)
  • 0,003' (0,075mm)
  • 0,004' (0,100mm)

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Depilation Needles

Ballet steel needle made in Swedish steel is the most economical needle in the Ballet range. It is made of 18/8 nickel, chromium, Swedish steel without leaving a metal mark and is the same material that the surgical instruments are made of.
By microscopic study, a unique rounded and polished needle tip is achieved. The intensity of the frequency decreases and the intrusions are gentle, accurate and comfortable, with as little discomfort as possible. The steel needle is ideal for clients with healthy, strong skin that responds well to radical hair removal treatments.

K4 type is ideal for very tough hair, just like after razor use.
Permanent results.
Ideal for small areas of the face and body.
They do not cause pain, scars or irritation.

Available types:
Type K2 , size 0,002' (0,055mm)
K3 size 0,003' (0,075mm) 
K4 size 0,004' (0,100mm)

Pieces per box: 50 sterile disposable needles

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