KIM mesh Out-In (TOT) + 2 disposable helicoidal needles (APAS 405)

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KIM System Kit with disposable needles APAS405 (TOT out-in)

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Knotless Incontinence TOT Mesh + OUT-IN helicoidal needles. Includes: 1 Kim Mesh + 2 trocar APAS 405
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KIM mesh Out-In (TOT) + 2 disposable helicoidal needles (APAS 405)
Synthetic KIM urinary incontinence tape fitted with reusable tools.
It consists of single-stranded polypropylene with large pores and has non-traumatic conical input ends and can be placed from any entrance gate with reusable tools.
KIM is a monoprene polypropylene mesh suitable for implantation in techniques such as TOT.
KIM is the choice of those looking to reduce the cost of standard incontinence surgery, without compromising on quality.

Softer, lighter, and stronger material.
Suitable for all incontinence techniques.
Unique without grid nodes.
Same handle and needle for all techniques.

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