KIM mesh + 2 disposable helicoidal needles (APAS406) In-Out

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KIM System Kit with disposable needles APAS406 (TOT in out)

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Knotless Incontinence TOT Mesh + IN-OUT helicoidal needles.Includes: 1 Kim Mesh + 2 torcar APAS 406.
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KIM mesh + 2 disposable helicoidal needles (APAS406) In-Out
Urine incontinence film for the treatment of female incontinence.
It is a minimally invasive method.
The surgeon makes a 1 cm incision in the anterior vaginal wall and places the tape at the base of the urethra.
Thus, the support of the urethra is achieved and there is no more loss of urine.
The patented design of the KIM film, minimizes the risk of contamination and corrosion, since it is made with special Laser to have no knots at all.
No knots means microporous film.
The KIM film is the only one with 100% micropores.
No knots means a smaller profile.
No knots means less material.

Problems with knots in the grid can be:
The knots have spots where bacteria can form, and macrophages cannot enter to protect us from infections.
Knots increase the thickness of the mesh and can be a potential point of friction with a chance of corrosion.
Neomedic KIM is the only knot on the market without knots.
Even without knots, the KIM grid is designed to maintain its shape, providing a perfect support for the urethra.

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