Intellistim UG External Neuro Stimulator

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Intellistim UG External Neuro Stimulator

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Intellistim UG Perineal Stimulator

IntelliSTIM UG performs pelvic floor stimulation that rehabilitates pelvic floor and treats incontinence. Pelvic floor stimulation is an established and proven therapeutic method of treating incontinence. Pelvic floor stimulation is effective and safe and has been used for decades by medical professionals, such as specialist incontinence physiotherapists to rehabilitate and strengthen weakened pelvic floor muscles, restoring full functionality of pelvic floor and continence. Pelvic floor stimulation is effortless and can even help women with very weak compromised pelvic floor, who are unable to contract pelvic floor muscles through natural efforts. Pelvic floor stimulation is safe and does not cause any damage to stimulated pelvic floor muscles.      

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