Golem 6ET gynaecology and urology chair for minor procedures

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Golem 6ET gynaecology and urology chair for minor procedures all colors

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Urological-gynecological Boom Golem 6

The GOLEM 6 Series features a modern design with sophisticated and fully functional features that cover even the most demanding diagnostic and surgical procedures.
The 620 mm test surface is coated with top quality artificial leather in a variety of colors.
It is 3 sections and is divided into the seat section with openings, the back section and the headrest section.
All electrical movements are made by means of pedestals embedded in the base of the bank.


Width: 620mm

Seat: 420mm

Back: 510mm

Headrest: 400mm

Feet extension: 560mm

Maximum load: 150kg

All models have electrically adjustable height from 640 to 940mm, electrically adjustable width from 0 ° to 80 °, and electrically adjustable seat from 0 ° to 30 ° (Trendelenburg).

Also, all models can be delivered with three memories for the patient position and the test position.

The Golem chair is fully customizable.

Code: G 06 07

Model: Model Golem 6ET Interventional (Removes the side arms)

Code: G 06 04

Model Golem 6ET Diagnostic (Fixed Side Arm) Code:

Code: G 06 25

Golem 6ET ESP Model Electric Leg Extension Intervention (Side Armrests Removed)

Code: G 06 40

Model Golem 6ET Urodynamic Code:


Code: D 06 35

Hand control & pedal control

Code: D 06 35

Lever (without manual control knob)

Code: D 06 03

Wheels with O 75 mm brake

Code: D 06 04

Leg extension

Code: D 06 05

Halogen lighting with flexible arm

Code: D 06 80

Optomic Colposcope Base

Code: D 06 81/82/83

ZEISS, LEICA, LEISEGANG colposcope holder

Code: D 06 09

Basin, with pipe and container

Code: D 06 08

Basin with hose without container

Code: D 06 10

Stainless steel tray for tools
To choose more colors please contact us.

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