Electric oscillating plaster saw II 500w Made in Germany

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Electric oscillating plaster saw II 500w made in Germany

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Electric oscillating plaster saw II 500w

Plaster saw electric plaster II 500 watts

Electronic gypsum cutting saw, made in Germany, suitable for any orthopedic clinic for the removal of natural and synthetic gypsum with absolute safety and precision.

Made with the advanced electronic oscillation operating system combined with automated compensation power. The electronic speed control system allows vibration of the cutting disc with 6500 to 6 + 24000 vibrations. The noise level is at significantly low levels. The ergonomic shape of the device ensures optimal handling and relaxing work.

Available with two 50mm and 65mm disc cutting discs, suitable for synthetic or natural plaster, as well as special disc changing tools. Very light for easy transport.

Adjustable from 10000-19000 vibrations.

Fully automatic load compensation across the vibration range, where the total vibration remains constant throughout the load range.

State-of-the-art electronic control of the motor with various protections and safety functions.

Protective insulation to reduce accidents and protect all mechanical and electronic components.

Sturdy construction for durability.

Weight only 1.25 kg without cables (1.5 kg with cable).

5 meter cable.

Low noise motor: 5277 Db (A).

Double safety insulation and motor that meets the protection class II and type BF according to the regulations.

CE security certificate. Tested according to EN 606011, EN 6060112, IEC 606011, IEC 6060112.

Total Power 500 Watt

Accessories included:

Cutting Disc 50mm for Normal Height.

Cutting disc 65mm for Normal Height.

Disk change tools.
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