Spare Cable 10-lead ECG Universal

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Spare Cable 10-lead ECG Universal

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Universal ECG 10 leads cable

Long lasting, individually tested cable

compatible with the following ECG machines:

-BIONET: Cardiocare, Cardiotouch

-CARDIOLINE: E1, E1R, E3, Delta 300, Delta 360 C3.

-CARDIETTE (Elettronica Trentina): Autoruler 12/1, Autoruler 12/3, Excel 103, Excel 106, Astron Comp 1, Astron Comp 3, Astron Comp 6, Start 100 P, Start 100 H, Start 200, Start 200HV, AR600, AR 600 ADV, AR1200, AR1200ADV.

-CARDIORAPID CAMINA: K111, K112, K33, K36, K300 M, K300 P, K600 P, K600 D, K130 B, K 130 D.

-EDAN: Smart SE-1, SE-3

-ESAOTE P80, P8000

-GIMA: CARDIOGIMA 1M, 3M, 6M, 12, 12M

-HP: Pagewriter 1513, 154B/C, 1514D, 1515A/B, 1517A.



-M4 MEDICAL: M traces

-NIHON - KOHDEN Cardiofax 651, 6581, 8110.

-PROGETTI all models: EPG junior, EPG view, EPG6 view, EPG6 view plus

-SCHILLER AT/1, AT/2, AT/3, AT/4, AT/5, AT/6, AT/10, CS6, CS12, CS100, CV6, P80.


Medical device, Class: I

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