Proffesional Otoscillo Irrigation device

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Proffesional Otoscillo Irrigation device

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Professional Otoscillo Irrigation device

Professional Otoscillo® is designed for automated ear rinsing both in hospitals and during private consultations. Innovative, compact, efficient and rapid, the Otoscillo® combines the most sophisticated operating qualities with the best security guarantees, all in a single device.


Anywhere, anytime Professional Otoscillo® is an electrical irrigation for simplified rinsing of the ear canal. The pulsating stream system makes it easier to remove cerumen, even at low pressure control, Otoscillo® is particularly adapted to the treatment of sensitive ear canals.


It looks less alarming and it is easier to use, with greater accuracy and security, than the alternatives. The water basin is removable to allow easy filling and emptying.


Operating power: 220V - 50/60 Hz.

Manual in GB, FR, DE, IT, ES.


Professional Otoscillo® is supplied with automatic back stop behind disposable nozzle for preventing cross-infections.

Standard accessories

Supplied with applicator set (1 long nozzle, 1 short nozzle, 1 splash guard) carrying handle and temperature test card.

Medical device, Class: I

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