Servocare ProJet Ear Washer Opticlar

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Servocare ProJet Ear Washer Opticlar

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ProJet Ear Washer Opticlar
The new OPTICLAR ProJet earwash system allows for fast and hygienic removal of earwax and foreign bodies.

The water jet is controlled by a foot switch so that both hands are free to wash the ear.

The new handle design makes it easier to place and drop the disposable tips.

The servocare Projet ear washer has many unique features designed to help the busy surgery such as:

Extra long power cord and handle hose so machine can be sited where it is most convenient

Integrated wall mount, free up valuable work space by wall mounting the Projet however easily removed for cleaning etc.

Sliding flow regulator conveniently mounted in handle, water flow can be temporarily stopped by sliding regulator to off position or flow regulated by sliding control to desired position

Ultra thin atraumatic tips help visualisation and direction of water flow

Digital control of water pressure and flow is easy to operate and remains constant and reproducible

Flat control panel is easy to keep clean

Tips held securely yet very easy to remove and replace

Low noise operation

Large water reservoir with silicone washers to reduce incidence of leaks

Economically price Power: AC 230Volt / 50 Hz

Capacity: 0,1 A

Static pressure: 0,25 bar ~ 3 bar

Pulsation: 450 - 1200 rpm

Flow: 2 - 3 Minutes / 500 ccm

Tank: 500 ccm

Temperature: -10 °C + 55 °C Storage

5 °C ~ 35 °C Operation

Humidity: 10 % ~ 90 % Relativ

Air Pressure: 860 ~ 1060 hpa

Footswitch: Single version CN1

Irrigator Tip: ProJet 101
Dimensions (H x W x L): 180 x 175 x 145 mm

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