Hartmann Thermoval baby sense infrared thermometer

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Hartmann Thermoval baby sense infrared thermometer

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Hartmann Thermoval baby sense infrared thermometer. 
Non-contact, noise-free temperature measurement for babies.
The new Thermoval baby enables stress-free temperature measurement in a comfortable and gentle way. So that your little one gets the peaceful sleep it needs to recover. It also offers practical features like measuring the temperature of food, milk bottles, bathwater and even ambient temperatures, for example in your baby’s room.
Gentle: non-contact temperature-taking.
Fast: measurement within 3 seconds.
Exact: high measuring accuracy thanks to modern infrared technology.
Convenient: measure body temperature, temperature of objects and ambient temperature.
Noise-free: take the temperature while your baby is sleeping.
Practical: memory function stores the last 10 measurements and gives an overview of the fever progression.
Safe: with optical fever alarm.
Simple: easy and comfortable to operate.
Robust: with practical storage box.
The Thermoval Baby Sense has been designed especially for babies.
Soft, contactless temperature measuring.
Quick: measured in 3 seconds.
Precise: High measurement accuracy thanks to a modern infra red technology.
Multi-functional: Measurement of body temperature, or the air.
Silent: verification of your baby's temperature possible during his sleep.
Practical storage of the last 10 measurements and overview of the evolution of fever.
Safe: Visual signal in case of fever.
Simple: Easy comfortable handling
Easy to store: Handy storage box.

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