Gonorrhea Rapid Test (Box of 25)

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Gonorrhea Rapid Test (Box of 25)

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Gonorrhea Diagnostic Test
A rapid method for selectively detecting the presence of Gonorrhea in a sample of serum, plasma, vaginal and urethral secretions, sputum, urine by biochemical reaction and a direct visible color effect at 30 '' - 120 ''. Provides the healthcare professional with a handy and accurate first-line diagnostic tool for successful differential diagnosis.

25 pre-filled vials with activation substrate
2 mL. Ra1 reagent
4 mL. Ra2 reagent

Sample type: Serum, plasma, vaginal and urethral secretion, sputum, urine
Kit maintenance temperature: Ambient temperature
Sensitivity: 100% for N. Gonorrhea
Specialty: 100% for N.Gonorrhea
Expiry date: 24 months from date of production

Instructions for use
(Serum, plasma)
Centrifuge the blood sample, remove the lid from the pre-filled vial with activation substrate, add 1 drop of Ra1, 3 drops of Ra2. Close the lid, mix gently for 2 ''. Open the lid, add 1 drop of serum or plasma, close it, lid and wait 30 '' - 120 ''. Read the color effect.

(Vaginal and urinary excretion, sputum, urine)
Collect sample with sterile cotton swab, repeat the upper reported procedure and mix the head of the cotton swab into the activated reagent (substrate + Ra1 + Ra2). If the strain of cotton stylus is wooden or detachable, cut it and leave it in the vial. Closethe cap and read the color result in 30 '' - 120 ''.

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