Lasemd Cream Mask pack (2ea / box)

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Lasemd Cream Mask pack (2ea / box)

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Cream mask pack LaseMD

Cream mask pack LaseMD is designed to enhance the absorption rate after applying the Lasemd Ampoule series to the skin. The cream included in the mask additionally creates a barrier layer with its Multi Lamellar Emulsion technology to reduce moisture loss. LaseMD cream is applied on one side.The mask’s coconut based material of mask  works and acts as an occlusive dressing.The vector of effective molecule movement is mainly towards the skin

Modeled after the natural skin barrier-Multi Lamellar structureBased on LasemdCosmetic Minimalism(Only 13 ingredients)

•Free from perfumes and preservatives •Free from dyes and conventional emulsifiers•Free from silicone and mineral oil(paraffin)Function•Repairdamaged-dehydrated and itchy skin•Occlusive agent –boost absorption of Lasemd molecules•Moisturizing

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