Microdermabrasion for B-System

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Microdermabrasion for B-System

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Microdermabrasion for B-System

The diamond microdermabrasion is a non-invasive mechanical exfoliation technique that reduces fine lines and wrinkles by removing outer
layers of dead skin.
It improves the texture, tone and lightness of the skin and restores its elasticity.

What does It consist of?
The unit is equipped with an applicator where several diamond tips are adapted.
 The dead cells are vacuumed back into a waste filter. The heads have diferent sizes and coarseness for different skin types, areas and depths of polishing.

Which are the effects?
• Helps natural cell regeneration
• Boosts collagen and elastine production
• Improves skin elasticity
• Reduces the appearance of wrinkles
• Remove acne scars
• Clears up blackheads
• Minimises the size of the pores
• Reduces sun damage

What is it appropriate for?
• Acne
• Sun damage
• Blotchy skin
• Fine scars
• Light wrinkles
• Keratose
• Large pores
• Non-inflamed whiteheads
• Uneven skin texture and glow
• Age spots
• Congested oily skin
• Skin pigmentation

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