HeartSave AED-M including one rechargeable AkuPak LITE

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PRIMEDIC™ HeartSave AED-M Defibrillator  

AED-M defibrillator is equipped with a monitor for displaying action time, ECG curve, heart rate, detected VF as well defibrillations generated and BLS (Basic life support) instructions.

The high-resolution monitor is there to ensure that the device can also be used under difficult conditions.  A separate ECG cable and standard ECG electrodes can also be used to provide cost-effective monitoring.


Voice prompts in four languages, freely selectable language packs, compact flash card, ECG Viewer, lithium battery 6.

Defibrillation Impulse shape biphasic, current-controlled impulses, external (CCD)

Impulse shape biphasic, current-controlled impulses, external (CCD)

Energy:140 – 360 J according to patient impedance

Analysis time: 7 – 12 s

Asystole threshold: < 200 μV Artefact detection

Pacemaker detection

Derivation: Einthoven II

Patient resistance:23 – 200 Ohm

Heart rate:30 – 300 per min


Model LCD, blue mode

Dimensions: 95 x 72 mm (diagonal 4.7“ / 120 mm)

Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels (pixel size 0.36 mm x 0.36 mm) Battery capacity display

Speed: 25 mm/s

Sensitivity: 10 mm/mV

User information:

Language instructions, heart rate, number of defibrillations, ECG curve, number of detected VF / VT, total resuscitation time

Disposable electrodes

Adhesive electrodes (hands free)

Shelf life: 36 months

Cable length: according to the model between 1,3m and 2,0m

Active electrode surface: 174 cm² overall

Data management:

Data/voice recording   approx. 24 h data and voice recording Voice recording can be activated / deactivated

Read out software (CD)  patient-, data system and voice recording

Power supply: Battery 6

Voltage:  15 V

Model LiFePO4

Capacity (nominal): 2,5 Ah

Discharges/shocks  150 @200 J

Monitoring: 5 h

Charge time:  approx. 3 h

Power supply:

Clip Charger for AkuPak

Guidelines 2010 (ERC/AHA) at factory

Protection class: IP55

Dimensions: 25 cm Hx 28 cm Wx 9 cm D

Weight without/incl. power supply: approx. 2.0 kg/approx. 2.5 kg

1 AkuPak LITE or battery, 1 pair SavePads AED, 1 ECG Viewer

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