Star 5000 -12.1" Touch Screen Fetal Monitor

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Comen C21 - 12.1" Touch Screen Fetal & Maternal Monitor

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Comen C21 - 12.1" Touch Screen Fetal & Maternal Monitor
The C21 cardiotocograph has new technology for real-time fetal heart rate recognition and measurement.
In addition, it has a foldable color touch screen, 12.1” LED-backlit, with the ability to tilt up to 90 degrees.
With greater energy savings and environmentally friendly.
It can perform automatic head recognition and has a built-in head case.
The heads are waterproof.
It has a built-in thermal printer.
It has the ability to store and monitor the CTG waveform of the fetus, lasting up to 60 hours.
With automatic storage function in case of power failure.
With I-KLOK technology which recognizes the changes in the physiological parameters that you have set, notifying with indicator lights and sound (alarm), the respective staff / doctor, contributing to the issuance of clinical findings.
Sliding screen technology: for the first time in the field of monitoring, sliding screen technology is introduced, facilitating switching between interfaces.
3D touch experience: when you click on the menu, the buttons show 3D simulation effects, providing a user-friendly touch experience.
Custom interface layout.

Basic Configuration:
built-in thermal printer

12.1” LED-backlit color touch screen for easy monitoring.
Damping shaft and magnetic touch screen to overcome the instability of the old touch mode.
Screen tilt 0-90 degrees for flexibility when examining.
Connection through a special port with fetal monitoring head with automatic identification by the device during connection.
Improved structure of the machine.
Advanced Fetal Heart Rate Detection (FHR) technology.
SNEC Smart Interference Signal Recognition Technology.
Simultaneous printing technology of heart rate of mother and fetus.
Inter-channel recognition technology.
Real-time heart rate signal indicator.
Built-in thermal printer 150 mm.
Smart Print Calibration Cali-Rec.
Connect to an external printer via a USB port.
Support for printing reports in graphic format.
Suitable for training of young doctors and remote diagnosis.
Smart screen saver functions, such as auto standby, event alarm, shutdown, etc.
Four (4) calibration methods for clinicians to select the most appropriate, time monitoring, time printing.
Storage of up to 60 hours of fetal monitoring waveform.
Disable parameter storage support.
Intelligent alarm technology: according to the changes in the physiological parameters, automatically determines the alarm level with three (3) types of sound and light warnings, in order to provide the medical staff with valuable data for a more accurate clinical picture of the patient.

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