Cryoalfa LUX liquid device with 1 spray glass tip 1mm for Liquid Freezing

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Cryoalfa LUX liquid device with 1 spray glass tip 1mm for Liquid Freezing

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Cryoalfa LUX liquid with 1,5mm spray glass tip for liquid freezing
The Cryoalfa LUX Liquid cryosurgery device with 1mm spray glass tip allows the unit to interchange tips to suit the task in hand.  

The Cryoalfa Lux uses liquid freezing where Nitrous Oxide (N2O) is supplied direct to the treatment site at a temperature of -89°C, freezing the damaged tissue to a depth of 3mm. Cryosurgery destroys the cellular tissue’s function while leaving the fibrous structure intact.

Treatment with a Cryo Lux unit is mostly painless and therefore highly suitable for treating children. The micro 1,5mm glass tip provides very accurate and effective therapy. In many cases, a single treatment is sufficient.  The Cryoalfa Lux is supplied with a 16gr Nitrous oxide gas cartridge in a high impact case making it highly portable for treatment in medical practices as well as for home visits by the doctor or podiatrist.

No destruction of biological function & structures

Excellent cosmetic effects

Almost no scar formations

Non bleeding treatment - no anaesthesia required

Practically painless, therefore also suitable for children

Usable in cases of high operation risk or apparent inoperabiity

Pencil grip for comfort and easy control during use

Freezes to a depth of 3mm

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