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About the company and www.medica100.com

Solution Medical Care was established in 2001 and is active in the import, distribution and marketing of medical materials and machinery of high and stable quality by international recognized companies abroad.

In 2020 the company decided to expand its activities by creating its new online shop www.medica100.com in order to offer services of high quality, speed in ordering and competative prices to existing and new clients.

The company's e-shop www.medica100.com, is available to retail customers as well as wholesale ones (B2B and B2C) to existing and new clients.

In order to achieve the above objectives, the company has:
Good organization.
Experienced staff with accurate and continuous training.
Trained Technical department.

Aside of www.medica100.com the company has a fully renewed website (www.solutionmedical.gr) with daily updates to support and serve its customers.
All the above allows the fast delivery of products.

With its current organization in terms of scientific information, and timely distribution of its products to the customer, Solution Medical Care covers the needs of Greece, Cyprus and abroad, from its owned offices in Thessaloniki, with a new Central warehouse of 1100sqm, and a branch in Athens.

Solution Medical is an exclusive distributor in Greece and Cyprus of the following Brands:
MMS-Laborie (Urodynamics & gastroenterological machinery) 
Lutronic Lasers Korea (Medical Laser medical and aesthetic applications)
Chison Medical Imaging (Ultrasound)
Curan Netherlands (Self-lubricating catheters)
Bentlon-Danchor Corporation BV Netherlands (Beauty Equipment)
Dr Arabin Germany (Kolipic pessos)
Optimum Medical England (Xylokaine gel and urological consumables)
Miromed Pfleiderer GMBH Germany (Urologic consumables)
Stema Germany (Endoscopes)
Comen China (Monitor patient-Cardiographs)
Medici Medical Srl Italy (Dermatoscopy and Mapping Systems)
Elmed (Lithotripi)
Sterylab (Biopsy needles of various kinds)
Vigeo Srl Italy (Biopsy needles)
Rimos Srl Italy (IVF and Biopsy Needles)
Degania Israel (Foley Catheters and Silicone Products)
RQL Czech Republic (Dispensary Equipment)
Neomedic S.A. Spain (Incontinence films and grids)
China's Sonoscape (Gastroscopes colonoscopy)

It also imports and merchandises other products as a simple representative and distributor of the following companies:
Bollmann GmbH & Co (Medical Bags)
Cryoalfa Europe Ltd (Portable Cryopitsis)
Derungs Licht Ag Switzerland (Light-ups and ceilings)
GIMA Spa Italy
LED Spa Italy
Hidemar S.A Spain
Istem Medical LTD
Lica SRL Italy
Osteosys CO LTD Korea
Progetti Srl Italy
Teleflex Medical (Rusch)
Weelko Spain
Paul Hartmann Germany

Solution Medical has the following general product categories
Medical supplies of dispensaries and hospitals for all specialties
Medical equipment for all specialties
Medical and Hospital Equipment
Diagnostic machines and devices for all specialties
Surgical materials and machinery
Incontinence products (Self-lubricating catheters-Peoclas-incontinence diapers) etc.
Home care and personal care products
Wheelchairs and recovery products

Solution Medical covers most medical specialties and many areas of medicine, featuring the relevant medical machinery and consumables.

The main areas of occupation in which the company is highly specialised are:
Plastic surgery
General surgery
Home hospitalization, specializing in incontinence products

The company's target is to import innovative materials and represent only reliable brands and companies and to bring constantly new products that facilitate medical practice and make life easier for the patient.

Solution Medical aims to continuously improve its position in the industry through:
the expansion of its activities in the field by making new products available and providing new services, and the ability to adapt it to any new data.
From the beginning and all the past years, the company has a steady growth rate, both in employees and the development of new customers.

Our Company has a certificate of quality assurance system according to EN ISO 9001:2015 and EN ISO 13485:2016, a certificate of quality assurance system for medical devices as well, in accordance with the requirements of the Y.A. Ed8D/G.P. eco/1348/2004, by the Recognized Certification Organization TUV Austria Hellas.
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