Color ultrasound CBit 8 Main unit

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Color ultrasound CBit 8 Main unit

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CBit 8
CBit 8 Smart Ultrasound
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CBit 8 Smart Ultrasound

An extremely slim and compact touch panel console ultrasound system, providing a tool for process optimization, simplifying clinical screening.
Featured with comprehensive functions, the system implements elaboration, modernization and specialization in the integral whole.


- With 10.1’’ HD touch panel. Superbly responsive, with customizable interface.
Ergonomic tilting ensures all-dimensional, multi angle visualization.
- 19’’ HD LED monitor, rotatable ±90°, with innovative energy-saving light.
- Adaptive control panel, rotatable ±45°, liftable 0-15cm.
- Smart Standby mode, is a smart backstage management which enables extended battery life. Instant power-on.




Single Crystal Technology

Chison CBit8 uses the latest advance in transducer technology, which has wider bandwidth, higher sensitivity and better signal-noise ratio, providing superb anatomic details to users, delivering excellent resolution and penetration, especially during difficult-patient scanning.

Wide Angle Transvaginal Probe

- Up to 210o extremely wide angle.
- Provide more, diagnostic information.
- Save time, improve efficiency.
LV Tracking
A new non-invasive method for the assessment of left ventricular (LV) global and regional function.


Stress Echo

- Help to confirm or rule out the presence of coronary artery disease.
- Patients with coronary artery blockages may have minimal or no symptoms during test.
- Symptoms and signs of heart disease may be unmasked by exposing the heart to the stress of exercise.

Quantitative Elastography
- Display the elasticity of different tissues in different color.
- Provide more clinical information, especially for soft tissue.
- Strain ratio measurement quantitatively gives the ratio between the average strain of the selected region and of the nearby normal tissue region.

Auto Breast Detection
- Automatically detect breast lesion.
- Provide the size.
- Efficient for the diagnosis.

Smart HIP
- Use a graph for hip orthotics diagnosis, help the doctor with easier and more accurate diagnosis during the pediatric hip scan.

- Different angle indicates different level of hip deformity, which is easier and more obvious to see with the aid of graph. (I, II, D, IIIa, IIIb)

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