Color ultrasound ECO6 Color Main unit with 12" high resolution monitor+Battery

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Color ultrasound ECO6 Color Main unit with 12" high resolution monitor+Battery

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ECO6 Color Ultrasound with 12" high resolution monitor + Battery
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ECO6 Color Ultrasound with 12" high resolution monitor + Battery
Ultra-Portable, Ultra-Affordable, Color doppler.
CHISON ECO6 portable ultrasound machine is aimed to diagnose easily and accurately, with its reasonable price and high quality from CHISON medical ultrasound manufacturer, it has already stand out above the crowd.

ECO6 has considered the most frequent request of users, adding more advanced features and capabilities inside this ultra-compact body, to provide better patient care.

With Phased array probe and features like, CW, TDI, B/BC, Super Needle, 2D steer, triplex, Auto IMT, Automatic pw trace, CPA, DPD.

Abdomen, OB/GYN, Urology, Cardiac.

Advanced Features:

Continuous Wave (CW) Doppler
Detect blood flow with high velocity and help doctors diagnose with more clinical information.

Tissue Doppler Imaging (TDI)
Tissue doppler imaging is a novel echocardiography technique that directly measures myocardial velocity. Systolic TD measurements access left and right ventricular myocardial contractile function. Diastolic TD values reflect myocardial relaxation.

Triplex combines B, color, with PW to help the user make the diagnosis more conveniently and more accurate, help to improve the efficiency.

Auto IMT Function
Automatically traces the intima and measures the thickness of the intima. This allows you to measure the intima faster, more easily and more accurately.

Super Needle
With super needle, clinicians can see needle inside tissue, more clearly during medical procedures. Needle angle up to ±30°.

Technical Specifications:
Dual probe-holder.
Rotatable LED monitor (0-30o): Different viewing angles.
Unique LED: Reduce eye fatigue.
Keyboard design: for easy and quick access.
Build-In batter: 2,5 hours.

SB, VGA ports.
DICOM (optional)
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