Color ultrasound CBit 6 Main unit

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Color ultrasound CBit 6 Main unit

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CBit 6
CBit 6 main unit with 19" high resolution LED monitor + 10.1" touch screen + 4 Probe connectors.
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Blank pageChison CBit 6 Ultrasound Main unit
Experts within Touch.
With industry-leading design.
19’’ HD LED Monitor, Rotatable ±90o, 90% image area, with full screen function and larger image delivery
10.1’’ HD touch panel, super responsive, ergonomic tilting ensures all-dimensional, multi-angle visualization, customized layout, easy to use
Elegant control panel
4 Probe connectors
Built-in battery (optional)
Dedicated video printer socket
Facing front CD/DVD recorder
With dual display screen for better view
Easy to slide

Superior Workflow
Intelligent Focus
Automatically detect the focus position according to the depth.
Focus on the interesting area to improve the quality.
Efficient and intelligent
Intelligent Doppler (Optional)
Automatically adjust the ROI direction and PFR in color mode and doppler gate in PW mode.
Saving time, Efficiency.
Much easier for the sonographer.
Raw Data
Provide the freedom to perform image adjustments.
Speedy scanning time, save the processing time.
Efficiency and fast.
Advanced tools for Optimized Health
4D Visualization
Wide angle TV probe
Up to 210o extremely wide angle.
Provide more diagnostic information.
Save time, improve efficiency.
Auto breast lesion detection
Automatically detect breast lesion.
Provide the size.
Efficient for the diagnosis.
Quantitative Elastography
Display the elasticity of the different tissues in different color.
Provide more clinical information, especially for breast tumor, thyroid, liver and prostate.
Strain ratio measurement quantitatively gives the ratio between the average strain on the selected region and of the nearby normal tissue region.
Available on versatile transducers.
Tissue doppler imaging is a novel echocardiography technique that directly measures myocardial velocity.
Systolic TD measurements access left and right ventricular myocardial relaxation.
Color M
Provide cardiac movement information efficiently.
Display corresponding blood flow direction information.
Easy to detect regurgitation.
Free Steering M Mode
Obtain accurate cardiac function analysis data.
Obtain accerate cardiac measurement parameters of any section and any angle.
Excellent and convenient for difficult patient examination.
Auto IMT
Automatically traces the intima and measures the thickness of the intima. This allows you to measure the intima faster, more easily and more accurately.
Real Time Panoramic
Smart HIP
Use a graph for hip orthotics diagnosis, help clinicians to give a more easier and more accurate diagnoses during the pediatric hip scanning.
Different angles indicate different level of hip deformity, which is more easier and obvious to see with the aid of the graph (I, II, D, IIIa, IIIb)
HD Zoom
Zoom the color information, remain the high resolution
Important for the small vessel blood information detection, especially for the fetl heart diagnosis.
Virtual Convex
Enlarge the scanning area in convex probe, same as convex trapezoid.
Better for the big organ display, especially liver, kidney though the rib space.
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